2023 Tesla Model 3 price and specs: Latest details for Australia's top-selling EV

Key Points

  • Model 3 sedan priced from $61,300
  • Up to 602km range from best-selling EV
  • Sleek aerodynamic body, high-tech minimalist interior

UPDATE 2/5/23: Tesla raises Model 3 price by $400 again

The Tesla Model 3 sedan, Australia's best-selling electric car, is now priced from $61,300 to $87,300 before on-road costs.

The Tesla electric car offers between 491km to 602km of claimed WLTP driving range depending on the variant.


The Model 3 is eligible for select Australian electric car incentives, including the fringe benefits tax (FBT) exemption for fleets and novated leases on the base RWD and mid Long Range variants only.

The Shanghai-made EV goes head-to-head with its Model Y electric SUV twin in the sales charts, plus rivals such as the Hyundai Ioniq 6, Polestar 2, upcoming BYD Seal.

Tesla Model 3 Novated Lease

Model 3 Key Specs

Blue Tesla Model 3 AC charging in front of office

All three Model 3 electric sedan variants share largely the same features, but are differentiated by the drivetrain and battery pack.

The Model 3 rear-wheel drive (RWD) has a single-motor setup and is most efficient, while all-wheel drive Long Range and Performance models gain more powerful dual-motors and a larger battery to yield more driving range.

The key difference is the Model 3 RWD has a lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery and can recharge at up to 170kW DC (with no charge limit), whereas the Long Range and Performance use a nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) pack and peaks at up to 250kW DC speeds (with a 90 per cent charge limit recommendation).

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Model 3 Price and Models

The Tesla Model 3 is priced from $61,300 before on-road costs for the [variant]. Key features include a 15-inch central touchscreen with over-the-air software update capabilities, a minimalist animal-free interior, and camera-only safety assistance systems.

Additionally, for $13,000 more, the Long Range gains LED fog lights and a higher-end speaker system.

The flagship Performance costs an another $13,000 and includes additional features, such as 21-inch Überturbine wheels with red-painted performance brake callipers, lowered suspension, and a carbon fibre rear spoiler.

EDITOR'S NOTE: All prices listed below exclude Tesla’s $400 ordering fee, $1400 delivery charge, and the compulsory luxury car tax (LCT) when applicable.


Model 3 RWD price: $61,300 before on-road costs

RWD features:

Battery60kWh usable LFP battery
Exterior18-inch Aero cover alloy wheels
LED headlights, daytime running lights and taillights
Power folding, auto-dimming, heated wing mirrors
Matte black window surrounds, side indicators and flush door handles
Electric tailgate
InteriorBlack vegan interior with wood decor
Electrically adjustable front seats
Heated front and rear seats
Partial premium interior
Dual-zone climate control
Fixed glass roof
Double-glazed front windows
Interior floor mats
Technology15-inch central infotainment system and instruments with built-in Google Maps
Over-the-air software update capability
30-day Premium Connectivity trial
Dual Qi wireless charging phone pad
Four USB-C charging ports
128GB USB for dashcam and Sentry Mode recording
Eight-speaker ‘upgraded’ audio
Tesla mobile app
Safety assistTesla Vision Basic Autopilot package
Auto emergency braking (AEB)
Lane departure warning and lane-centering assist
Blind-spot monitoring and camera view
Adaptive cruise control ‘Autopilot’
Reversing camera

Model 3 Long Range price: $74,300 before on-road costs

Long Range adds:

Battery75kWh usable NMC battery
ExteriorLED front fog lights
Technology13-speaker premium audio

Model 3 Performance price: $87,300 before on-road costs

Performance adds:

Exterior21-inch Überturbine wheels
Performance brakes with red-painted callipers
Carbon fibre rear spoiler
Lowered suspension
InteriorAluminium pedals
TechnologyTrack mode
Increased top speed to 261km/h (up from 225-233km/h)
Blue Tesla Model 3 destination charging

Tesla Model 3 options

  • Standard paint – no cost: Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Premium paint – $1500: Solid Black; Midnight Silver Metallic; Deep Blue Metallic
  • Red Multi-Coat paint – $2400
  • 19-inch Sport wheels (RWD and Long Range only) – $1800
  • Black and white interior – $1500
  • Tesla Mobile Connector trickle charging cable – $550

Enhanced Autopilot – $5100:

  • Navigate on Autopilot on highways (assists with lane changing and highway exits)
  • Automatic lane change assist
  • Automatic parking assist
  • Summon (remotely move forwards and backwards)
  • Smart Summon (remotely drives to owner)

‘Full Self-Driving Capability’ – $10,100:

  • Enhanced Autopilot features
  • Traffic light and stop sign control (slows down the vehicle while using adaptive cruise control)

Premium Connectivity – $9.99/month:

  • Satellite-view maps with live-traffic lines
  • Music and video app streaming
  • Remote exterior and interior camera monitoring (via mobile app)
  • Karaoke
  • Internet browser

Model 3 Government Incentives

As of the time of this article, the Tesla Model 3 variants eligible for government incentives are summarised in the table below. Refer to the following for more information on the; federal FBT exemption and state-based incentives.

Model 3 Warranty and Servicing

Man replacing Tesla Model 3 tyre beside road

The Tesla Model 3 is backed by a four-year/80,000km vehicle warranty and roadside assistance with a different battery warranty depending on the drivetrain variant

For the base Model 3 RWD, it has a eight-year/160,000km battery warranty, whereas the Model 3 Long Range and Performance are covered for eight-years/192,000km. Tesla promises it’ll keep at least 70 per cent of its battery health over the coverage period.

It adopts a condition-based servicing scheme, meaning the vehicle will notify the owner when its sensors detect it’s time for check-up via the mobile app.

Tesla also recommends a range of specific routine maintenance tasks, including:

  • Cabin air filter – every two years
  • Tyre rotation, balance and wheel alignment – every 10,000km/if the tread depth difference is 1.5mm or more
  • Brake fluid test – every two years
  • Air conditioning desiccant bag – replace every four years
  • Cleaning and lubricating brake callipers – every 12 months/20,000km (for cars in cold weather regions only)

Model 3 vs Other EVs

The Tesla Model 3 RWD compares favourably on paper with the similarly-priced Polestar 2 and Cupra Born, with more claimed WLTP driving range due to better efficiency – despite the smaller battery – faster 0-100km/h performance and a larger boot, albeit with a less practical sedan opening.

Model 3 Price History

Red Tesla Model 3 and blue Tesla Model 3 in front of city

NOTE: Prices exclude on-road costs and luxury car tax (where applicable).

Model/VariantFebruary 2023April 2023May 2023
Model 3 RWD$64,300$60,900$61,300
Model 3 Long Range$77,300$73,900$74,300
Model 3 Performance$90,300$86,900$87,300

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