About ZeCar

Our founding team is passionate about technology, sustainable energy and a seamless buying experience.
We believe there is no country better placed than Australia in the transition to sustainable, zero emission energy and transport. We are also aware of the noise (and confusion) as new technologies, brands and bundled products emerge. What electric vehicle model? What charger? What combination of car, charging and finance?
With this in mind, we launched zecar, a data-driven one stop shop for all things electric cars.

Our mission

Our mission is to help make your switch to electric cars and clean energy easy. The zecar platform will be your trusted guide, in what will be one of the biggest purchases in your life - an electric car.

ZeCars Vision

The energy transition will happen regardless of zecar’s existence, we just want to make sure it happens the right way. Our vision is to:
⚡️Accelerate sustainable energy and transport;
⚡ Reduce information asymmetry i.e. “keep the bastards honest”;
⚡Ensure YOU(the customer, everyday Australians) are at the centre of the Energy Transition