Zeekr Set to Electrify the Australian Market with Premium EV Offerings

white zeekr 009

Australia's electric vehicle (EV) landscape is set to welcome a new, premium player: Zeekr. This subsidiary of the Geely group, which counts Volvo, Polestar and Lotus among its siblings, plans to redefine the electric car Australia scene by focusing on the premium segment. With a launch slated for the third quarter of 2024, Zeekr is poised to offer an upscale alternative to the more budget-friendly options from other Chinese brands like MG and GWM.

Key Points

  • Zeekr, a luxury EV brand under Geely, plans to enter the Australian market in 2024, targeting the high-end segment.
  • The Zeekr 009, set to be the first model introduced in Australia, combines luxury with impressive performance and range, posing a challenge to the Tesla Model Y.
  • Zeekr's launch is a key part of Geely's strategy to expand its EV offerings in Australia, with a focus on luxury and performance.

The Zeekr 009: A Blend of Luxury and Electric Performance

zeekr 009 interior

Zeekr's first offering, the 009, is a luxurious electric people mover. Unveiled in China in 2022, it has been a strong seller for Zeekr, selling 19,210 units in 2023. The 009 is not your typical people mover – it's a statement of luxury on wheels. With two battery options (116kWh and 140kWh), it offers a considerable driving range while also providing seatin for up to 7 passengers. Performance-wise, it's got a dual-motor setup that makes it quite zippy for its size, challenging even some of the best electric cars in Australia for acceleration.

In Australia, the electric people mover segment has limited options with just the LDV Mifa van and more recently the Kia EV9 SUV as true 7-seater options.

Zeekr's Market Strategy and Future Prospects

zeekr factory

As Zeekr gears up for its Australian debut, the specifics of its market strategy, including aspects of home charging and dealership networks, remain closely guarded. This strategic entry is part of Geely's larger plan to strengthen its hold in the EV segment, offering a luxurious alternative to the likes of Tesla available o and other established players.

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