2023 MG4 51 kWh vs MG ZS EV Specs and Features Comparison: Base models

MG 4 vs MG ZS EV angle

This is a comprehensive comparison of the specs and features of the base variants of MG's leading pure electric cars the MG4 and MG ZS EV. This comparison focuses on the most comparable variants of each model:

Price and Incentives

The MG ZS EV Standard Range Essence is $5000 more expensive than the MG 4 51 kWh Essence. Both will be eligible for the various state government incentives and the FBT exemption.

For an estimated driveaway price and total cost of ownership - use the zecar cost of ownership calculator.

Size and Dimensions

Both EVs are considered to be practical. The MG4 is built on a dedicated EV platform whereas the MG ZS EV is built on a share platform with the MG ZST petrol-turbo car.

Despite being 36mm shorter in length, he MG4 has 120mm longer wheelbase and as a result significantly more interior space. This is due to it being built on a dedicated EV platform.

The ZS is notably taller due to its SUB body style. Boot space is very similar.

Surprisingly, the MG4 51 kWh weighs about 85 kg more than the MG ZS EV.

Range and Performance

Despite being heavier, the MG4 offers slightly more range and it is more efficient than the MG ZS EV. This is likely due to it being more aerodnamic in design and possibly a more efficient driverain.

The MG4 has slightly better acceleration compared to the MG ZS EV, possibly due to its rear-wheel motor setup.

Battery and Charging

The MG 4 51 kWh offers slightly faster DC charging than the MG ZS EV, but both are considered on the slow side The single phase on-board charger of both models offer pedestrian AC charging rates of 7 kW.

Calculate your personal charging costs and times for each model using this calculator.

Driver Technology

The MG 4 51 kWh and MG ZS EV offer similar levels of driver-assist technology features. The MG4 however offers a rear view camera, blind spot monitoring and blind spot camera as standard in the base model.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The MG 4 and MG ZS have very similar infotainment and connectivity offerings, with the MG 4 having slightly larger screen. However, the MG ZS has Over-the-Air updates while the MG 4 doesn't.

Both feature Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Warranty and Servicing

The MG4 and MG ZS EV both come with MG's industry leading vehicle and battery warranties. Servicing costs are expected to be the same per annum.

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