The BYD Sea Lion 07 is the first in the Sea Lion SUV Series

BYD Sea Lion in purple at auto show

BYD’s General Manager for the Ocean series, confirmed in a recent interview with Chinese media outlet Dongchedi, that BYD will launch the Sea Lion as a new product line dedicated to SUVs. The Sea Lion 07, which recently debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show, is set to hit the market in the first half of 2024. This launch will be followed by the introduction of two additional SUVs, the Sea Lion 05 and Sea Lion 06, further expanding BYD's reach in the SUV segment.

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BYD currently has two primary EV series: the Ocean series and the Dynasty series.

The BYD Ocean Series

The Ocean series, which features a design language inspired by ocean aesthetics is intended to target younger customers with its youthfulness, ambition, and openness. Models include the Dolphin, Seal and Seagull, the first two are currently available in the Australian market. They cater for a range of uses, from an entry-level hatchback priced at around 78,800 yuan ($AU17,000) to larger hatchbacks and sedans.

The BYD Dynasty Series

BYD's Dynasty series is named after historic Chinese ruling dynasties - Han, Tang, Qin, Song. It focuses on stability and luxury, catering to for a more mature customer. Models include the Yuan Plus (Atto 3), Han, Tang and Song L.

Zeroing in on SUVs

BYD's decision to launch the Sea Lion as a separate product line positions the company to capitalise on the growing demand for electric SUVs, particularly in Western export markets where the SUV body style is easily the most popular. Current SUV offerings in BYD's EV line-up include:

  • Yuan Plus (Atto 3)
  • Tang
  • Song L
  • Seal U

With the Sea Lion series, BYD is set to offer a range of SUV options which will likely overlap with its existing SUV options. For example, the Sea Lion 07, a medium crossover, will potentially compete and cannibalise sales from the recently launched Song L and Seal U. The Sea Lion 05 or 06 may compere with the poplar Atto 3 (Yuan Plus).

Notwithstanding the multiple product options, customers stand to gain with more options and downward pressure on pricing. BYD is no longer just riding the wave of electric vehicle popularity but is now actively shaping the future of sustainable transportation with an unprecedented rate of product development.

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