Tesla Model Y: Photos Leaked of Juniper Update?

tesla project juniper

Images have emerged from Tesla's Shanghai factory, showcasing what appears to be the revamped 2024 Tesla Model Y, codenamed Project Juniper. Coche Spias, an Instagram account known for sharing car news, has shared a leaked AI-enhanced image of this latest model. This new Model Y shares design elements of the updated Model 3 Highland, with sleeker headlights, redesigned tail lights, and the removal of the traditional Tesla logo on the rear in favour of the TESLA wordmark.

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Tesla Gears Up for Mass Production

According to Bloomberg, Tesla is ramping up production of the Model Y in Shanghai, potentially kicking off as soon as mid-2024. The Shangahi gigafactory is now the sole source of Tesla EVs for the Australian market. Despite a brief delay due to the Chinese New Year, Tesla is utilizing this time for crucial factory updates, ensuring the smooth rollout of this eagerly awaited model. The range of electric cars, especially Tesla models, is expanding significantly, offering more choices to consumers.

tesla project juniper

Other Expected Model Y Upgrades and Features

Last year, the China market Tesla Model Y received some minor interior improvements such as ambient lighting and new dashboard trim - which made their way to the updated Model 3 Highland. While the Tesla Model Y Juniper is expected to receive updated visiual changes it is unclear whether there will be any battery or drivetrain upgrades, the former which has been speculated in the past.

Model2024 Tesla Model Y, Project Juniper
Location of DevelopmentTesla's Shanghai Factory
Production PlanMass production in Shanghai starting mid-2024, with Australian-market Model Ys sourced from this factory
Updates in Comparison to Model 3Possible revised suspension (as seen in Model 3 Highland. Updated steering wheel with integrated button. New interior features (ambient lighting strip, rear passenger display)
Market Impact Tesla Model Y has become the company's best-selling vehicle. Leading electric vehicle (EV) in Australia with 28,769 units sold in 2023. Significant growth in the Australian electric vehicle market.

Australia's Electric Vehicle Landscape

tesla model y 2023

The Tesla Model Y first graced the global stage in 2019 and made its Australian debut in 2022. It has swiftly dethroned the Model 3 as Tesla's best-selling vehicle, becoming the top electric car in Australia with a staggering 28,769 units sold in 2023. This achievement underscores the growing popularity of electric cars in Australia, with Tesla leading the charge in the EV market. Brands like BYD are also making waves, offering competitive BYD prices in Australia and contributing to the diverse range of best electric cars available to Australian consumers.

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