Tesla Updates Referral Program for 2024: Updated Model 3 Now Eligible


Tesla has recently revamped its referral program in Australia and globally. This strategy is aimed at increasing the sales of Tesla electric cars in 2024 and continue its rapid growth trajectory.

Enhanced Benefits for Existing Customers

Existing Tesla customers now have more reasons to refer new buyers to the refreshed 2024 Model 3. They will receive double the referral credits, which has increased from 2,500 to 5,000 credits. Interestingly the buyers will not receive any perks like a discount on the purchase price like in previous referral offers. This could be an indication of the strong buyer demand for the new Tesla Model 3.

tesla driving

Availability Across Markets

As reported by driveteslacanada, the new Model 3's inclusion in the referral program extends beyond Australia to Europe, showcasing Tesla's global sales strategy.

Link to Shanghai Gigafactory Production

The supply of Tesla vehicles from the Shanghai factory to these markets suggests a strategic response to increased production. This move necessitates expanded sales channels, possibly to match the output of LFP and NCA batteries used in these models.

tesla factory

Redeeming Referral Credits

Tesla's referral credits can be redeemed for a variety of items, including vehicle accessories and Supercharging kilometres.

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