Tesla Cybertruck: Deliveries Commence and Prices Unveiled

Tesla Cybertruck side view

Key Points

  • The Tesla Cybertruck's prices start at US$60,990 (A$92,409)
  • Range for the Cybertruck is expected to 402km to 515km
  • Features bidirectional charging (V2H/V2L) of up to 11 kW

The hotly anticipated, yet polarising Tesla Cybertruck has gone on sale in the US with the first customer deliveries commencing at a launch event in Austin Textas. Prices for the Tesla Cybertruck start from US$60,990 (A$92,409) to US$99,990 ($151,500). The entry-model price is about 50% higher than the US$39,900 (AU$62,598) price tag touted during the concept launch in 2019.

Since the concept was revealed in 2019, delays have hampered its release, about two years behind schedule, largely due to difficulties making the concept ready for the road by abiding to vehicle design and safety regulations.

Nevertheless the Cybertruck features some impressive specifications and features which are sure to impress prospective buyers. This includes a claimed WLTP driving range of 402km to 515km, rapid acceleration (0 to 100 km/h) of up to 2.7 seconds and bidirectional charging for Vehicle to Load, Vehicle to Home and Vehicle to Vehicle via a new feature 'Powershare'.

Read on for the latest details on the Cybertrucks's pricing, features and specifications.

Cybertruck Price and Specifications: Range, Charging and Performance

Cybertruck Prices

Tesla Cybertruck prices in the US are as follows:

The REAR-WHEEL DRIVE variant will start from from US$60,990 (A$91,409), the ALL-WHEEL DRIVE for US$79,990 (A$121,197) and the CYBERBEAST at US$99,990 (A$151,500).

Prices for the Australian market have yet to be confirmed, but specifications are available on the Tesla Australia website.

Cybertruck Specifications

Besides its unique design, the Tesla Cybertruck has an impressive list of technical specifications. This futuristic truck promises to offer a blend of performance, durability, and efficiency. Tesla has promised the following perfomance figures

  • REAR-WHEEL DRIVE: Aimed as the most affordable option, features a single motor and will deliver 402km of range and a 0-100 km/h time of under 6.7 seconds.
  • ALL-WHEEL DRIVE: A step up, features dual-motors, offering 547km of range and a swift 0-1000 km/h time of under 4.3 seconds.
  • CYBERBEAST: At the top end, features tri-motors this model boasts an incredible 515km of range with a blistering 0-100 km/h time of under 2.7 seconds.

Charging capabilities are 11kW AC and 250 kW DC, in line with the Long Range and Performance variants of the Tesla Model 3 and Y.

Additionally, the Cybertruck is designed to be a workhorse, with a payload capacity of up to 1,134kg (2,500lbs) and an adjustable air suspension system that can be raised or lowered on the fly, making both highway driving and off-road navigation seamless

Cybertruck Features

The Tesla Cybertruck will debut several new features not seen in previous Tesla models, these include: Powershare, Range Extender

Range Extender

The Cybertruck's range can be extended by an additional ~200km with a 'Range Extender' option which comes in the form of an additional battery pack. This would bring the range of the AWD variant to 755km, the most range of any Tesla EV currently available.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on X: "Optional pack that fits in about 1/3 of the truck bed. Still room for plenty of cargo. It's meant for very long trips or towing heavy things up mountains."

Typical 'range extenders' in EVs, usually have petrol generators that charge the battery. This technology is present in the BMW i3 as well as many BYD PHEVs.

cybertruck-range-extender battery packcybertruck-range-extender battery pack


For the first time in a Tesla product, the Cybertruck will support bidirectional charging for Vehicle to Load, Vehicle to Home and Vehicle to Vehicle via a new feature 'Powershare'. Additional Tesla Equipment will be required to enable these features unless your home is already equipped with a Powerwall and Wall Connector.

Tesla Cybertruck used for camping

Vehicle to Load (V2L)

The Vehicle to Load feature will allow the Cybertruck to operate as a portable battery pack with a standard 120/240V power supply. The feature could be used power camping equipment, power tools etc. Power output is upto 9.6 kW, which would be the highest rated V2L output of any EV in the market. By way of example most Hyundai/Kia EVs are capable of up to 3.6 kW. A total of 5 outlets will feature in the cabin and cargo bed
• 2 cabin outlets (up to 20A)
• 2 cargo bed outlets (up to 20A)
• 1 cargo bed outlet (up to 40A)

Vehicle to Home (V2H)

The Vehicle to Home feature will allow the Cybertruck to provide backup power to a house in the event of an outlet. Maximum power of 11.5 kW would be sufficient to meed the needs of basically any household. By way of comparison, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is only capable of 5 kW of continuous power.

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)

The Vehicle to Vehicle feature will work in the same way as Vehicle to Load, except you'll be able to plug in another electric vehicle and charge it at up to 9.6 kW.

Tesla Cybertruck V2VTesla Cybertruck V2V

Steer by Wire

The Cybetruck will be the first Tesla model to feature steer-by-wire and rear steering technology. Steer-by-wire technology features electronic in place of mechanical linkages that controla the steering functions. This should result in better handling as sensisitivty of the steering can be adapted to the driving conditions.

Cybertruck steer by wire technologyCybertruck steer by wire technology

Cybertruck Size and Capacity

The Cybertruck has been designed to provide both a spacious interior for passengers and a substantial bed for hauling cargo. Size wise, it is squarely placed in the full-sized ute or pickup truck category. It rivals electric utes such as the Ford F-150 Lighnting and the Rivian R1T ute - both potentially flagged for the Australian market but not currently available.

The Cybertruck measures approximately 5.68 meters in length, 2.2 meters in width, and 1.80 meters in height. This puts the Cybertruck in the same class as other North American full-sized pickup trucks such the Ford F-150 as the Chevvy SIlverado.

Tesla Cybertruck vs Chevvy SilveradoImage by - Carscoops

Another point to note is the wheelbase, which is said to be just over 3.76 meters. This generous wheelbase supports the vehicle's stability and spacious cabin, which promises to seat six adults comfortably. The second-row bench seat is designed to accommodate three passengers, in addition to the three in the front row, where the middle seat can fold down to serve as an armrest.

The cargo bed, commonly referred to as the "vault", boasts a considerable length of around 1.98 meters, providing up to 3434 L of cargo capacity - that is 10 times the space of the average boot of a small SUV. The cargo bed design exemplifies the utility of the Cybertruck for various use cases, from hauling work tools to packing for an adventure. Moreover, the tailgate can slide down to offer an extended loading ramp, which should aid in loading heavy and bulky items.

It has a braked towing capacity of up to 4,990kg for the Tri Motor (CYBERBEAST) variant, dwarfing many of its electric competitors and even rivaling traditional internal combustion engine trucks.

The Cybertruck also includes a retractable cover for the cargo area for added security and protection from the elements. More so, its adjustable air suspension can vary the vehicle's ride height to facilitate easier cargo loading or adapt to different driving conditions.

Tesla Cybertruck side view

For those considering the Cybertruck for adventurous outings, the air suspension feature will also boost its off-road capability. The underbody of the Cybertruck is designed for durability, made from nearly impenetrable material according to Tesla, which should help protect against rough terrain or debris.

Below are the Cybertruck's size, dimensions and capacity which were unveiled at the official launch event.

Cybertruck Launch Date

First unveiled with much fanfare in November 2019, initial production runs for the Cybertruck began in July 2023 with deliveries expected imminently from 30 November 2023.

Is the Cybertruck Coming to Australia?

Tesla Cybetruck pageTesla Cybetruck page

For Australian customers eagerly awaiting the Cybertruck, Tesla has previously indicated plans to bring the Cybertruck down under.

Today's official launch event however did not reveal any additional details on whether a right-hand-drive version of the Cybertruck will be made for Australia and other right hand drive markets such as the UK and Japan.

There is a Cybertruck page on the Tesla Australia website, which has a 'Get Updates' button that allows interested buyers to join a mailing list – whereas there is an 'Order Now' button on the Tesla US website.

With the Australian EV market growing rapdily spurred by falling prices, the popularity of utes, and supportive government incentives and policies - it seems that the Cybertruck will eventually make its way to Australia. However, as with most international car launches, local regulations, homologation, and supply chain logistics play a key role in the timing of launch dates.

Here is a quick summary of what we know so far about the Tesla Cybertruck reaching Australian shores:

  • Timeline Unclear: While Tesla has plans to bring the Cybertruck to Australia, specific dates have not been provided.
  • Regulatory Hurdles: The vehicle must align with Australian Design Rules (ADRs), which could potentially impact its arrival date and design specifications.
  • Market Demand: With a surge in interest in EVs, Australia represents a compelling market for the Cybertruck, potentially expediting its local introduction.

It’s worth noting that in the context of Tesla's growing lineup of EVs all major models have been available for sale in Australia including the Model X, S, Y and 3 - indicating Tesla's commitment to the Australian market.

Tesla Cybertruck rear tire zoomed in at desert

The Future of the Tesla Cybertruck

With Cybertruck's production slowly ramping up and the first customer deliveries, expectations are on high Tesla to deliver a vehicle that lives up to the hype it has generated. The Tesla Cybertruck is set to redefine public perception of what an electric ute (pickup truck) is capable of, in one of the most difficult segments to crack.

Competition in the electric ute market however heating up, with other manufacturers also vying for a slice of this emerging sector. The LDV etT60 has been available in Australia since and November 2022 the BYD electric ute is expected to makes it way down under in 2024. Tesla's Cybertruck will need to match its bold aesthetics with the claims of its impressive technical capability to dominate market share like originally planned.

In Summary:

  • Cybertruck Specs: Ranging from 402 to 547 kms, depending on the model, with formidable acceleration times.
  • Size: Fits into the full-sized pickup category with ample cargo space and room for six adults.
  • Launch Date: Production is set to begin in 2023, with deliveries hopefully starting in the same year.
  • Australian Arrival: Indications point to Tesla’s intentions to bring the Cybertruck to Australia, though specific dates are unclear.

The Tesla Cybertruck is more than just another addition to the company's line-up of vehicles—it's a statement on the future of automotive design and a testament to the possibilities of electric powertrains. As Tesla gears up for production, and as we wait for more information about its arrival in various markets including Australia, the Cybertruck continues to symbolize a bold and innovative step in the evolution of electric transport.

Tesla Cybertruck driving on red-orange desert sand

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