2023 BYD Dolphin vs MG4 Specs and Features Comparison: Base models

MG 4 vs BYD Dolphin angle

This is a comprehensive comparison of the specs and features of Australia's most affordable electric cars, the BYD Dolphin and MG 4 electric hatchbacks. This comparison focuses on the most comparable variants of each model:

Size and Dimensions

Both EVs are considered to be practical. They are both built on a dedicated EV platform which allows for greater interior space relative to the external footprint.

The BYD Dolphin is similar in size to the MG 4. The Dolphin is slightly taller, however, the MG 4 is wider. Boot space is very similar.

The BYD Dolphin weighs about 150 kg less which is the main reason for its marginally better claimed energy efficiency.

Range and Performance

On paper, the MG 4 offers slightly more range, however, it is less efficient than the BYD Dolphin, likely due to being 150 kg heavier. The more powerful motor of the MG 4 results in significantly faster acceleration compared to the BYD Dolphin Dynamic.

Battery and Charging

The MG 4 offers faster DC charging than the BYD Dolphin. The single phase on-board charger of both models offer pedestrian AC charging rates of 6.6 kW to 7 kW.

Calculate your personal charging costs and times for each model using this calculator.

Driver Technology

The BYD Dolphin and MG 4 offer similar levels of driver-assist technology features. The BYD Dolphin however offers a larger screen and higher resolution camera system.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The BYD Dolphin is considered to have a superior infotainment and connectivity offering highlighted by its sharp 12.3 inch centre screen, snappy user-friendly interface and high quality sound system.

Both feature Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Other Features

Warranty and Servicing

The MG 4 offers a slightly longer vehicle warranty however the BYD Dolphin offers a slightly longer battery warranty based on number of years.

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