Upgraded Tesla Model 3 'Highland' Performance Sales to Begin Q2 2024

Model 3 Highland Performance

Prospective Tesla customers have reason to celebrate as reports from China suggest that sales of the Tesla Model 3 'Highland' Performance are slated to kick off around the second quarter of 2024. This performance variant of the popular all-electric sedan is expected to roll out from Tesla's manufacturing hubs at the Fremont Factory in California and Gigafactory Shanghai in China.

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 first made headlines in China and Australia when it was unveiled in late August of the previous year before making its way to North American shores earlier in January.

Unfortunately for performance enthusiasts, the launch in all markets included only the base Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) version and the Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) variant, with the Model 3 Performance absent from the line-up.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Performance RearImage by - @OMG_TESLA/FACEBOOK

However, Tesla has not sidelined its highest spec/performance version. The Model 3 Performance has been spied in the United States, touting upgrades such as a dedicated front splitter, a dynamic rear spoiler, and Sport bucket seats, with the added tease of a Ludicrous Mode badge.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Performance Bucket Sports SeatsImage by - Reddit user u/S3pirion

Dongchedi has revealed that the spruced-up Model 3 Performance is anticipated to hit the Chinese market in Q2 2024 with a competitive price of approximately RMB 400,000 (around A$85,000). By way of comparison, the outgoing Model 3 Performance sold for A$83,400 before on-road costs.

Upgrades to the Model 3 Performance include new rims and an advanced braking system featuring larger brake discs coupled with sturdier tires. Mass production is expected to commence by this March's end at Fremont and Shanghai factories alike.

The buzz around the upgraded Model 3 Performance is palpable and comes with a promise of exhilaration. Tesla Australia's chief engineer and Model 3 program expert Daniel Ho has hinted at something "pretty special," insinuating that Tesla intentionally held back on the previous Model 3 Performance, perhaps leaving room for this new and improved edition to capture hearts and tracks across the globe.

Stay abreast of the latest updates as the new model 3 performance moves closers to production and eventual sale. Visit ZeCar for more insights on electric vehicles and to follow the journey of the Tesla Model 3's exciting developments.

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