Toyota bZ4X Arrives in Australia


Key Points

  • Australian Debut: The Toyota bZ4X, Toyota's first electric vehicle, has arrived in Australia, marking a significant entry into the EV market.
  • Limited Initial Supply: Toyota Australia plans to import 1,500 units of the bZ4X in its first year, indicating a strategic and cautious market approach.
  • Competitive Pricing Strategy: The bZ4X is set to rival the Tesla Model Y in pricing, offering an affordable alternative in the electric vehicle segment.

The much-anticipated 2024 Toyota bZ4X, Toyota's inaugural electric vehicle, has been spotted for the first time on Australian shores. These recent photographs, captured at Port Adelaide by an avid EV enthusiast, showcase the first batch of the bZ4X arriving in Australia, marking a significant moment for Toyota Australia. The journey to this point hasn't been smooth, with multiple delays over the last 18 months postponing its introduction, following its initial debut in mid-2022 in markets like Japan, China, and the US.

toyota bz4x

With the power of the Toyota brand and its millions of loyal customers, the bZ4X is poised to make a substantial impact in the most competitive segment in the EV market, electric SUVs. For more information on bZ4X and other EVs in Australia, our EV database at zecar provides a comprehensive list of options, including their specifications and pricing, to help make an informed decision.

Initial Shipment and Sales Strategy

toyota bzx4

While the exact number of bZ4X units in this initial delivery remains unknown, the images clearly show at least two of these vehicles. Toyota Australia has announced plans to import a modest sum of 1,500 units in the first year of sales.

For those considering the Toyota bZ4X, using our EV comparison tool will allow you to compare key specs across hundreds of different EV models. If you are specifically looking for an electric SUV, there are over 30 new in models available in Australia as of 2024.

2024 toyoa bz4x interior

bZ4X Pricing and Specifications

It has been rumoured the pricing of the bZ4X is set to rival that of the Tesla Model Y, currently the best selling EV in Australia. This indicates a starting price of ~$65,000 plus on-road costs. However, final details about the local line-up are still to be confirmed. This pricing strategy positions the Toyota bZ4X as a more affordable option compared to its counterpart, the Subaru Solterra, which are both built on Toyota's e-TNGA EV platform. The Solterra, priced ~$12,000 higher, is offered exclusively in dual-motor all-wheel-drive configurations, which aligns with Subaru's brand identity of providing AWD all-terrain vehicles.

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