Electric Car Sales Soar for the first 6 months of 2023: Model Y Now Second Best Selling Car in Australia

White Tesla Model Y parked

In the land Down Under, a quiet revolution is taking place. The rumble of traditional combustion engines is slowly being replaced by the near-silent hum of electric vehicles (EVs). The latest sales data reveals an exciting trend: Australians are embracing electric vehicles at an unprecedented rate, with EVs hitting a record share of 8.8% of new car sales in June 2023.

Tesla Model Y: A New Star on the Horizon

Leading the charge is the Tesla Model Y, which has leapfrogged the Ford Ranger to become the second best-selling car of any type in Australia. According to data from the Federated Chamber of Automotive Industries, the Tesla Model Y recorded 5,560 sales in June, making it the second-highest selling vehicle behind the Toyota Hi-Lux ute, which recorded 6,142 sales.

The Tesla Model Y's success is not an anomaly. Tesla, as a brand, led the market with a whopping 7,018 sales during June, marking their biggest month of sales in 2023. So far this year, Tesla has sold 25,577 EVs in Australia, which exceeds Tesla’s 2022 total national sales and accounts for 60% of the EV total of 43,092 in the first six months of the year.

The Rise of BYD

But Tesla isn't the only player in the game. Chinese automaker BYD is also making waves in the Australian market. BYD had its best month of sales so far with 1,532 sales in June, bringing the total year-to-date sales to 6,196. The Atto 3 model even overtook the Tesla Model 3 for the first time this year.

The EV Landscape

When we look at the broader landscape of EV sales in Australia for June 2023, the diversity of models and brands is striking. Apart from the Tesla Model Y and BYD Atto 3, other popular models include the Tesla Model 3, MG ZS EV, Polestar 2, and various models from Volvo and Kia.

The Road Ahead

The future of EVs in Australia looks bright. The share of EVs is expected to jump further in the coming months with the release of the first models priced below $40,000 – the MG4 and the BYD Dolphin. As Tony Weber, CEO of the Federated Chamber of Automotive Industries, puts it, "The steady introduction of new battery electric models across all model segments at more competitive price points is critically important as we deal with the challenges of supplying electric vehicles that meet business and personal consumer needs at prices the mainstream buyers can afford."

With EV uptake reaching an all-time high, the demand for EVs is only heading in one direction. With more affordable EV options like the BYD Dolphin and MG4 now on the way, many more options will be available for those looking at making the switch. This will ensure EV sales remain above 8.8% every month, reducing transport emissions while saving everyday drivers thousands on fuel.

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