BYD's Upcoming Ute: A New Player in Australia's Electric Vehicle Scene


BYD, the renowned Chinese EV automaker, is continuing to expand its already impressive line-up of EVs with the launch of its first utility vehicle (ute).

Slated for release in the latter half of 2024, BYD's ute is already generating considerable buzz. The anticipation is particularly high considering the Australia's increasing acceptance of electric vehicles and its ongoing love affair of utes, which comprised the top 3 best selling car models in Australia in 2023).

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Recent glimpses of the ute, reveal a boxy front end, reveals a design akin to a Ford F-150 Raptor.

byd ute 2024

Design and Features: Blending Style with Technology

byd ute 2024

Echoing the design philosophy of BYD, the upcoming ute boasts a sleek exterior and an interior that merges style with high-tech features. It's expected to feature BYD's leading LFP battery technology, known for their longevity and safety. You can learn more about LFP and other battery types in this guide covering LFP, NMC and NCA batteries in electric cars.

The interior is expected to include a console-mounted shifter and a unique, free-standing digital instrument cluster. The highlight, however, is the large, portrait infotainment touchscreen known for its ability to flip from landscape to portrait orientation – a signature element of BYD's design.

byd ute 2024

The exterior design elements, like the distinctive C-shaped LED daytime running lights and a prominent grille adorned with the BYD badge, align seamlessly with the styles revealed in earlier patent images. These visuals, first disclosed by CarNewsChina and Chinese government sources, offer a glimpse into what BYD has in store for the Australian market.

Power and Performance: The Hybrid and Electric Future

Under the hood, the ute is expected to feature a cutting-edge plug-in hybrid powertrain aligning with the growing trend of Plug-in Hybrid EV (PHEV) in Australia.

While official details are still under wraps, there is speculation about a 1.5-litre turbocharged engine coupled with two electric motors, aiming for a hefty combined output of 365kW. Moreover, BYD is also planning a fully electric variant of the ute.

It is understood the design and development of this ute are the results of a collaborative effort between Australian and Chinese engineers. This collaboration highlights BYD's commitment to adapting its vehicles to specific market needs, in this case, Australian driving conditions.

Existing Electric Ute Options Are Limited

BYD's decision to venture into the Australian market addressing one of its biggest gaps, electric utes, is a welcome and brilliant move.

Presently ,the existing electric ute options in Australia comprise the LDV eT60 and Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger models retrofitted with an electric drivetrain and battery.

We'll contine to report more information as we edge closer to the launch date. The BYD electric ute could be one of the most pivotal models in BYD's Australian portfolio.

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