2024 Tesla Model 3 facelift unveiled, due in early 2024

2024 Tesla Model 3 red front

Key Points

  • 2024 Model 3 sedan unveiled with updated interior and exterior
  • Improved range, but same battery and motors
  • Available to order today with deliveries in Q1 2024

As expected Tesla has announced a new refreshed version of their Model 3 EV sedan, while they haven’t announced any difference in battery capacity the range has increased thanks to improved aerodynamics.

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Red 2024 Tesla Model 3

Improved range, increased price

The base model has a claimed increase of 22km in range to 513km while the Long Range has a claimed increase of 27km to 629km.

Though it should be noted that a recent investigation by Reuters showed that Tesla's aren't always able to achieve claimed range distances.

According to Carwow, Tesla told them that the drag coefficient has dropped to 0.219. Externally the front and rear lights look a lot more modern, there are new wheels and tyres as well.

New features don’t come for free, the new Model 3 pricing (plus on roads) for a NSW driver is $61,900 ($4500 increase) for the base model Rear Wheel Drive and $71,900 ($500 increase) for the Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive.

White remains the default “free” colour but there are two new colours available: Stealth Grey for extra $2,300 and Ultra Red for extra $2,600.

There was no comment about why the Performance version is not currently available for sale.

It would be an unusual move to remove this version permanently as it is popular with motorsport and track racing fans, so it will likely be announced at a later date.

2024 Tesla Model 3 interior

Upmarket interior and improved technology

Continuing their famous minimalistic approach, Tesla says the new steering wheel creates “an uncluttered driving experience”.

What this means is the new Model 3 has no stalk to use for indicating, this is done via haptic steering wheel buttons. The drive mode stalk is also gone, replaced with drive selector shifting using the touchscreen.

Tesla says “Smart Shift” automatically selects the correct driving direction to start your trip. It will be interesting to see how that works in real life driving eg doing a multi-point turn in a tight space.

Backseat passengers will now have access to an 8 inch touchscreen to change climate controls and watch entertainment. While this is likely to be popular with larger families, the extra screen is an extra cost with no benefit for couples and single buyers. They may have preferred a HUD or driver instrument display instead.

Front seats are now perforated and ventilated, which can be controlled via the Tesla app or set to change automatically.

Speakers get a bump up in numbers from 14 to 17. Whether there is a noticeable improvement in audio quality from these alone will be hard to tell because this Model 3 refresh claims significant reduction in noise levels thanks to acoustic glass throughout the vehicle, increased suspension bushings, improved seals and the addition of sound-dampening materials.

Estimated delivery for Australian orders is Jan 2024 - Mar 2024, which means monthly VFACTS Tesla sales data for the next 3-4 months will be dominated by the Model Y.

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