New Tesla Model 3 Performance Enters Production: Upgrades across the board!

new tesla model 3

Tesla's much-anticipated 2024 Model 3 'Highland' Performance is now in production, setting the stage for its debut in showrooms soon. Slated for a mid-year launch, this updated version is expect to bring upgrades to the performance, exterior and interior.

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tesla model 3 2024

Insider sources from Tesla, including Teslascope – a renowned account on X (formerly Twitter) known for reliable Tesla leaks – have shared that the initial production of the revamped Model 3 began early December in the United States. The mass production is expected to increase before the end of March 2024, aligning with Tesla's plans for a release in the first half of the year. This schedule has electric vehicle enthusiasts in Australia buzzing with anticipation.

Power and Performance Boosts

The 2024 Model 3 Performance is set to receive a power boost while retaining a dual electric motor and all-wheel-drive setup. This contrasts with the tri-motor arrangement found in the Model S Plaid.

Leaked government certification documents indicate an increased power output from the previous 393kW.

This will almost certainly result in faster acceleration times, with a 0 to 100 km/h time of well below 3 seconds expected. For reference, the outgoing Model 3 Performance hits the 100 km/h mark in 3.3 seconds.

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2024 Tesla Model 3 Key Specs

Interior Upgrades: A Sleeker, Sportier Look

tesla model 3 2024 interior

Inside, the 2024 Model 3 Performance will sport unique sports bucket seats. This marks a significant departure from the standard seat design across earlier Model 3 variants.

These new seats, first hinted at by Hacker Green on X, come with enhanced side bolsters and headrests, giving the car a more assertive and sporty look.

It's a first for Tesla's high-performance Model 3, which has primarily focused on enhancing powertrain, suspension, and brakes in the past.

Possible 'Ludicrous' Badge and Sporty Additions

There's also speculation about a possible 'Ludicrous' badge, taking inspiration from the famous Model S Ludicrous Mode.

It's expected to be accompanied by enhanced brakes, suspension, and unique wheel designs, including 20-inch 'Warp' alloy wheels and an eye-catching 19-inch option.

The sporty theme extends to new "sport" brake calipers, pads, springs, and a carbon-fibre rear lip spoiler.

Australia Launch Date

While Tesla hasn't officially confirmed these upgrades, European customers have noted delays in delivery, indicating a potential unveil soon.

The new Model 3 Performance is expected to arrive in Australia between January and March 2024.

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