BYD Dolphin Novated Lease Pricing and Savings: Is it Worth it in 2024?

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If you're considering buying a BYD Dolphin, you may be wondering about your financing options. Following the introduction of the EV FBT exemption, buying a BYD Dolphin through a novated lease could be the cheapest option. In this article, we'll answer some commonly asked questions about novated leasing a BYD Dolphin.

Are BYD Dolphins FBT Exempt?

Yes, BYD Dolphins are FBT exempt so long as they meet the following requirements of the Electric Car Discount Bill:

  • First used or purchased after 1 July 2022; and
  • The price falls below the luxury car tax threshold of $89,332 for 2023/24.

At the time of writing, all BYD Dolphin models available for sale are eligible for the EV FBT exemption.

ModelPrice (before ORC)FBT exempt
BYD Dolphin Dynamic$38,890
BYD Dolphin Premium $44,890
BYD Dolphin Sport$49,990

Can I get a BYD Dolphin on a Novated Lease?

Yes, a BYD Dolphin can be procured on a novated lease like any other car. A novated lease is accessed through your employer through a salary packaging arrangement with a novated lease provider.

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Is Novated Leasing Worth it for a BYD Dolphin? Tax Savings Comparison

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Yes, buying (or rather procuring) a BYD Dolphin through a novated lease will result in tax savings which will reduce the overall cost of owning the car. To illustrate the benefit of an FBT exempt electric car we’ll compare it to an outright purchase in the following example.

Jane works as a Sales Representative for a New South Wales (NSW) based company.

  • Drives 15,000 km per annum
  • Earns $100,000 gross income per annum
  • Procure a BYD Dolphin Premium ($44,890 MSRP) through a novated lease and a salary packaging arrangement through her employer.

BYD Dolphin Premium Novated Lease vs Outright purchase

Over a three-year lease, the total costs of the novated lease are $67,717 - this does not include any tax savings. This is over $8,000 more expensive compared to an outright purchase.

The total cost of the novated lease after tax savings is $52,052. This makes the novated lease $7,115 cheaper than an outright purchase after-tax savings. The tax savings arise from being able to reduce your pre-tax salary by the lease payments and running costs - resulting in Jane being taxed a lower amount. We explain this in more detail here.

This analysis does not take into account additional interest paid on a home loan or foregone interest on a term deposit for the outright purchase option.

If Jane decides to sell the BYD Dolphin Premium at the end of the lease, she'll pocket the difference between the sale price and the residual value ($22,310). This will further increase the case for the novated lease.

The table below the key numbers in the example discussed.

If we factor in the likely additional interest paid on a home loan from using cash to pay for the vehicle or the foregone interest earned on a term deposit, the savings from a novated lease are even higher, $15,637 after three years. Refer to the below table for the difference in potential savings across various scenarios.

BYD Dolphin in blue three quarter view driving

If you want to better understand the various ways you can save money we recommend reading this step-by-step breakdown.

If you would like a quote for a novated lease, click the button below to provide your details and we'll get back to you shortly.

BYD Dolphin Premium vs Toyota Corolla Novated Lease

Another common question we often see is how a BYD Dolphin stacks up financially compared to popular petrol equivalents such as the Toyota Corolla. In this example we'll compare a BYD Dolphin Premium under a novated lease against an Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid procured under a novated lease and an outright purchase.

Despite retailing nearly $5,000 more than the Corolla, procuring the BYD Dolphin Premium on a novated lease works out to be $6,758 cheaper than a Toyota Corolla on a novated lease.

How to Lease a BYD Dolphin in Australia?

A BYD Dolphin can be leased in multiple ways: finance lease, operating lease, subscription, and novated lease. Due to the FBT exemption, there is a strong likelihood that a novated lease will provide the highest overall savings.

BYD Dolphin in white rear quarter view driving

How Much is BYD Dolphin on Novated Lease?

The cost of a BYD Dolphin on a novated lease will depend on a number of factors including; the price of the car, interest rate, term of the loan, running costs, and your level of income.

Based on our analysis, if you earn a median Australian full-time salary ($97,510) or above and drive an average distance (13,000 km) or more, there is a strong likelihood a BYD Dolphin (lower than the LCT of $84916), will be cheaper to procure on a novated lease compared to an outright purchase.

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