Tesla Model Y pricing and specs leaked

Tesla Model Y

Pricing for the Tesla Model Y rear-wheel drive (RWD) and Performance variants have been leaked to in a report from Chasing Cars.

Revealed for "corporate and industry customers", the base Model Y RWD will start from $67,990 before on-road costs, while the flagship Performance will be priced from $98,172 before on-roads.

However, the publication didn't leak the price of the coveted Long Range variant, which potentially suggests it won't be sold here at launch.

The base Model Y price (before government incentives) is $4000 higher than the equivalent entry-level Model 3. This gap increases, however, after government EV incentives are factored in.

Additionally, the Model Y RWD small SUV will have more power but slower acceleration than the Model 3 equivalent.

Driving range for the Model Y will be lower than the equivalent Model 3 sedan variants due to the heavier weight, although it features the same aerodynamic 0.23 drag coefficient.

Detailed information on the specifications and features can be viewed here.

Tesla Model Y key specs

White Tesla Model Y

Model Y pricing after EV government incentives

Base rear-wheel drive pricing

Following the inclusion of dealer fees, the Model Y RWD will miss out on various government EV incentives in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

You can read about how the incentives are calculated for each state in our EV government incentive guide.

Performance pricing

The Tesla Model Y Performance will be required to pay the luxury car tax (LCT), albeit at a lower amount due to being electric.

The Performance model will be eligible for some incentives such as the stamp duty exemption in the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania, which do not set caps on the vehicle value.

Blue Tesla Model Y driving

When will the Tesla Model Y be available?

There has still been no formal confirmation of when the Model Y become available in Australia.

The opening of the gigafactory in Germany will free up production capacity in Shanghai where Australian-bound Model Ys will be made.

Due to ongoing supply chain issues and production delays, deliveries could occur later in 2022 or likely 2023.

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