2024 BYD Seal Performance price reduced by $50 - Now eligible for NSW and SA rebate

BYD Seal Performance rear

👉UPDATE 19/10/23: EVDirect has quietly reduced the price of BYD Seal Performance from $68,798 down to $68,748 ($50 decrease).

Distributor EVDirect has reduced the price of the BYD Seal Performance - it is now eligible for state incentives in New South Wales and South Australia

Prospective Seal Performance owners in NSW and SA were disappointed to learn, on launch day, that the Seal Performance was priced at $68,798 before on-road costs.

In both of these states, the upper limit of the EV retail price was $68,750 - just $48 less than the cost of Seal Performance.

Approximately 48 hours after the launch event, EVDirect has secretly updated the price of the BYD Seal Performance - reducing it by $50. It is now $2 under the limit for both NSW and SA EV rebate schemes.

This means the gap in price between BYD Seal Premium and Seal Performance is now much closer, compared to when only the Seal Premium was eligible for the $3,000 rebate given by these state governments.

Unfortunately QLD buyers are still unable to claim the $6,000 rebate, as the purchase price limit is $68,000.

For full details and breakdowns of incentives, check out our detailed article here.

For full breakdown of the BYD Seal including specification and features, check out our article here.

Pre-orders for BYD Seal are open now online, with deliveries expected to start from December 2023.

Order books are open for the BYD Seal, you can order one for yourself at

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