How to Try and Buy an Electric Car Online

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Interested in an electric car?

With record high fuel prices, global inflation and the looming climate crisis, electric vehicle interest in Australia is piquing with a laundry list of new EV models landing soon.

But how can you try what owning an EV is really like beyond just a short test drive?

Is a plug-in hybrid or all-electric car more suited to your needs? And can you buy online with the confidence of guaranteed pricing, without the hassle of stepping into a dealership?

Rent and Electric Car

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Whether for a business, holiday trip or just to test out the water, renting is the simplest way to experience owning an electric vehicle.

Driver’s can explore how to charge an EV at home or use a public charging providers, testing the driving range on the chosen electric model and, of course, being enamoured by the instant torque and acceleration of electric motors.

A range of conventional and community-driven car sharing rental companies offer electric car models, including the MG ZS EV, Polestar 2, Tesla Model Y, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and more.

Fortunately, most of these rental fleet examples will eventually filter into the used EV market in several years to lower the cost barrier into zero emissions ownership.

EV Rental Services in Australia

Subscribe to an Electric Car

Hyundai Kona Electric plugged-in at Evie Tritium chargerImage by - Henry Man

An electric car subscription is a step towards owning one, but with the flexibility to switch models or cancel once the contract plan ends.

It is an emerging option that bundles registration, comprehensive insurance, and maintenance costs in one weekly payment under a fixed term or no-lock-in contract – just like a cellular smartphone plan.

Unlike leasing a car (like through a novated company lease), there are no balloon payments, interest and depreciation values to contend with. However, there may be a set maximum driving distance quota per year.

Electric car models range from the Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Kona Electric, Mazda MX-30 Electric and more.

EV Subscription Services in Australia

Purchase an Electric Car

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y driving in snowy weather

Ready to buy an EV? There are a diverse range of electric cars available now and landing soon.

But in today’s supply-constrained market encouraging dealer markups, several car brands have adopted a fixed price agency model where the drive-away cost of a vehicle is guaranteed and the same for all buyers.

Additionally, they can be completely specced and transacted online without the need to step into a showroom and haggle with a salesperson. Though, picking up the vehicle will likely require heading into a dealership.

Car brands that adopt an online-only, fixed pricing model include: Tesla; Polestar; BYD; Cupra; Hyundai (Ioniq 5 only); Genesis; Mercedes-Benz and more.

There are also other online car brokers who can secure an electric car for you, sometimes negotiate on a deal, and organise finance and trade-ins if needed.

EV Online Dealerships in Australia

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is a guide only and displays a sample of companies offering services. Zecar recommends consulting an independent and registered advisor before making any financial decision.

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