Visualising Every Electric Car Model Available in Australia (2022)

Visualising Every Electric Car Model Available in Australia (2022)

Inspired by Every Electric Vehicle in America 2022 by the Visual Capitalist, we've created our own Australian version. This chart will be updated as more models become available.

As of May 2022, which electric cars do Australians have to choose from?

What electric car models are available in Australia?

As of May 2022 there are 24 different electric car models available in Australia from 17 different manufacturers.

The best selling model by far is the Tesla Model 3. It was the tenth best selling car in the country and comprised nearly 7 out of every 10 electric cars sold as at 31 March 2022.

Australian electric car uptake vs. the world

Despite surging demand and strong sales growth, Australia still significantly lags most of the developed world when it comes to electric car uptake.

Australian government support for electric cars

As of May 2022, the Australian Government does not provide any direct EV incentives, outside of slightly lower luxury car tax (LCT) for "fuel efficient vehicles". This could change however depending on the outcome of the next federal election.

Seven out of the eight state/territory governments however provide financial incentives for electric car purchases. You can read more about them in our ultimate EV incentives guide.

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